Shoulder Pain

I want to share here my own painful shoulder experience and what I am doing to alleviate or eliminate it.

First of all a small classification of what Shoulder Pain is.

Most shoulder pains fall into four major categories:

Tendon inflammation (bursitis or tendonitis) or tendon tear, Fracture, Instability, Arthritis

There are other much less common causes of shoulder pain which are due to tumors, infection, and nerve-related problems. Kinds

If you want to read ahead without going through the common causes –please click here


A tendon is a cord that connects muscle to bone. Most tendonitis is a result of  a wearing down of the tendon over time from overuse and is generally,  of two types:


Excessive overhead activities during work or sport can lead to this type of tendonitis. Also, degenerative diseases like arthritis due to repetitive wear and tear or due to age, can lead toa  chroniccondition of  tendonitis. –>

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